We kindly ask you to follow these rules.

  1. No smoking allowed inside all of the houses, and in the pine forest.
  2. No pets allowed inside the house.
  3. Please ventilate the house regularly and when leaving the house.
  4. Close the gas access after use, and make sure it is closed before sleeping or leaving the house. If you smell gas, turn off the gas and VENTILATE…
  5. Do not flush toilet paper or any unnatural object down the toilet yet use the available paper bin (because paper will clog the sanitary tank).
  6. Only use Natural materials like wood and matches in the wooden stove. NO paper, cardboard or plastic please. Never leave the door to the fireplace open, yet keep it closed during all time. Please empty the ashtray of the wooden stove when full, in the compost area.
  7. Please shut of the heating in all rooms before leaving for the day, and turn off the lights.
  8. Please do not throw garbage in nature yet use the available recycling bin to separate paper and glass from normal garbage.
  9. Always lock all the doors when leaving the house for the day.
  10. Please secure any outdoor object like sun umbrellas, sun-sails, sunbeds and chairs from high winds and storm, especially on the roof terrace!
  11. Never leave water on the indoor wooden floor for longer time periods yet clean up any water spills straight away.
  12. You are not allowed to let strangers, people who did not book nor pay for the house come live in the house or on the property without the owner’s approval. You are responsible for the house the time you stay here. If you wish to invite friends it costs 25 euros extra per person, per night.
  13. You agree to leave the house as you received it on the day of the end of the reservation, unless something else has been agreed with the owner.
  14. Please do not make a fire outdoors without the approval of the owner, and take care with dry grass and fire. Forest fire is a constant danger!!!
  15. Casa Corona / Palmavi A/S or any of their representatives are not responsible for any damage, injury or theft you, any third party or your possession’s could experience in the houses, on the entire property or in the pool.
  16. Please shower before using the swimming pool and the sauna. Please make sure to cover the pool at the end of each day. Please always sit on a towel in the sauna and never use our towels on the beach.
  17. Please inform the owner or their representatives of any problem, fire, gas leakage, water leakage, dry plants or broken items as soon as possible. If in emergency, call Francisco (0034 649 39 41 90), Martin (0049 170 5780 865) or the general emergency number 112.
  18. Check In is from 16 pm (unless something else has been agreed) Check out 11am